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Parents of adult children! Be the one to change the pattern.

TRUST & Reconnect

  • (T) Talk to your inner child
  • (R) Recognize and relate
  • (U) Understand and uncover
  • (S) Support
  • (T) Talk to your own child
  • Your Transformation

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T -  MODULE 1:  Talk to your inner child.

This is where I will be guiding you to be curious and talk to yourself, asking different questions to find out what you really want in life.  What you missed then, and how it is affecting you now.

R – MODULE 2:  Recognize and Relate.

This powerful session of RTT we will dig deep and recognize all the events that created any negative feelings and beliefs.  The beliefs that are related to all the wrong messaging and projecting to your surrounding.


U – MODULE 3: Understand and Uncover.

Together we understand what happened in the past. What meaning you gave to different events and circumstances.  What kind of beliefs you created about yourself. If maybe you didn’t get the praise and support from your parents, you created the belief that you were not good enough or maybe even a failure.

S – MODULE 4: Support.

Everyone needs the support at whatever age.  Everyone needs to feel that they are enough!  And this is where I will create a bespoke recording for you (part of the RTT session).  After we discover what beliefs were holding you back from being the supportive parent to your child, we re-create the new supportive talk towards your inner child and your present self.  This is what will fill in the blanks.  The words you always needed to hear, the support you always needed to have.  This is so strong, that it will change the way you look at your own grown-up child. With a whole new perspective.


T – MODULE 5: Talk to your child.

Talking with your grown-up child now is the last and best step.  Knowing what you know about yourself after your inner search, and getting to know what your unmet needs were, you are now able to understand what kind of messages you had been projecting to your child all this time.

This is the time to talk to them and tell them how much you TRUST them.  It’s time to re-connect.

MODULE 6: Your Transformation.

How do you imagine your life with your child?   Let's visualize......You know our subconscious mind does not understand between real or imagined.  Whatever images you give it, especially vivid pictures accompanied with emotions, become reality.  Your subconscious mind is responsible for your actions.  Once it believes the new images of you together with your child, it will guide you to do and say the right things.  All you need to do is TRUST

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Tatiana Shukuroglou

Adult children can have their challenges...

Have you lost contact with them?  They are there but you can’t connect.

You want to reach out and help but the channel is cut!

They behave as if you are a stranger

There is a smile on their face but you know they are faking it, they don’t want to let you in.

“When did this happen?  Why did this happen?  Where was I?”

I know how you feel because I have been there! Be the one who breaks this pattern, because it is a pattern.  As parents, having been the child with unmet needs, we try to fill in the blank, to put in the missing piece of the puzzle.  But we forget that they are unique personalities with their own unique wants and needs.  They cannot fulfil yours.


”Session with Tatiana was deeply transformative.”

Her empathic and professional approach, enriched with maturity and broad life experience make her a world class therapist. From the first moment, she made me feel at ease and confident.  Even before the session was finished I felt that my money management beliefs were erased and replaced with new powerful ones. I would recommend Tatiana in a heartbeat.

Ela, Zürich

”I had a session with Tatiana after which I felt I had an instant transformation. I found it incredibly insightful.”

Within the next couple of days after the session, I felt that I made a tremendous progress in my personal growth. I was no longer anxious about what others felt about me as I was feeling enough. I found Tatiana to be a very patient coach and I felt that I was really being listened to and heard. She also used her own intuition in such a way that it helped to guide the session smoothly, with the best effect.
This all made me feel I was in very safe hands. The effect on my life has been amazing. I feel that I've cleared some long standing issues and am very excited about this new chapter in my life.

Spyros, CY


Trust and Re-connect.


This a program for parents who want to re-establish a healthy relationship with their adult children, by self-healing and accepting their child’s uniqueness for who they really are.

  • Week 1:  Talk to your Inner Child.
  • Week 2: Recognise and Relate to an event that created the issue/limiting belief.
  • Week 3: Understand and uncover meanings behind beliefs.
  • Week 4: Self Belief & Support – Talk Therapy on how they personally would like to change, discuss issues and strategies, then offer Transformation – NLP (re-program feelings/thoughts to positive-Meditate.
  • Week 5:  Talking to your own Child - Dialogue with child re-connect.
  • Week 6: FINAL TRANSFORMATION- Visualisation of a Happy Family.

1:1 weekly Zoom meetings with accompanying homework to complement the session. (e.g Listening to audio, journaling, writing a letter to your child).

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