Metabolism slows down with age!  Does appetite stay the same? How does hypnotherapy help?


So nature is something we can’t really control.  Instead of fighting it, we could accept and adjust. 

Reaching menopause, metabolism slows down:  Accept? Yes!  Adjust? Yes! 

Big controversy and discussion though around the adjusting part.  How can someone adjust? Appetite is still there! However, If we accept that nature knows its course, then we accept that metabolism and appetite go together.  We just need to let our subconscious mind know about it.  Change the thoughts and pictures.

Our subconscious mind is the part of our mind that is responsible for our actions.  It receives all that is passed through by the conscious mind:  Thoughts, pictures, feelings, beliefs and then guides our body to do the right actions that will prove all the information stored in there correct. 

The pictures of the amount of food in our plate that we have been eating all this time, are still embedded in our subconscious.  They have been installed there for a long time! So, this is what it knows.  Not only that, it hears thoughts like: “I am hungry like a wolf!”  “My appetite is as big as it used to be! I eat as if I am in my twenties”  “I enjoy my burger and beer more than ever!”  “I love my outings with my girlfriends and enjoy my wine so much!  How can I ever stop this, it’s impossible.”

If all of the above information is inside our subconscious mind, of course it is difficult to adjust into a smaller appetite.  This is where hypnotherapy helps.  With the guidance of a hypnotherapist, we can change all of the pictures, thoughts, beliefs and create them exactly as we should so that our actions are led to the new adjusted eating habits.