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What is RTT® and how it can help you!

RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a specialized therapeutic method which uses hypnotherapy. It gives your mind control and a heightened sense of focus. With RTT® we uncover the old belief systems that were holding you back and not serving your purpose, it will help you recognize these limiting beliefs and create a new positive way of thinking. Step out of the old and leap into your new way of thinking. RTT® is not just hypnotherapy, but a therapy that goes deeper, it goes right down to the core of the issue and sources out the root cause.


RTT® helps you break those bad habits which are stopping you from living your best life. RTT® is a technique that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and cognitive behavioural therapy which will enable you to take control and think with a clear and focused mind, in turn helping you achieve phenomenal results in your business, personal and spiritual life.


Experiences from our past often shape the way we react in the present; one bad experience can taint any other experiences in the future. RTT® awakens the subconscious mind and can help you be creative and challenge the conventional thinking of the past, to open yourself up to new experiences and positive ideas, which in truth can change your life!


Part of this change can occur just by listening, yes, just by listening to our 21-day program made especially for you. This 21-day program will help you challenge that old way of thinking and re-write those old beliefs, stepping into your most brilliant future with excitement and joy!

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How do you define success?


From my personal experience, either from my own track record or my clients’ my definition of success is this:

Decide on your goal and then be consistent in taking all the steps you need to realize it.  This means, you keep focussed and never conform to external factors or people’s ideas that might stop your journey.  

Your goal might be anything from getting that six-pack belly to getting a PhD.

Having said that, I would like to add that a GOAL should be something that makes you happy once realized, and/ or something that creates some goodness in the world, absolutely no harm.

Becoming a good parent, opening a small gift shop, running a marathon, getting rid of the extra weight you got from your vacation, finishing a book, acquiring a new skill, creating a vegetable garden, becoming a volunteer, climbing mount Everest, travelling around the world with a backpack, becoming a millionaire, becoming the CEO of a great firm, giving TED Talk.

Success is doing whatever it takes, consistently, until you realize your goal. And goals have no limit or measure.

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“And in case you forgot: You deserve to be happy and loved!”

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How can Hypnotherapy help weight loss?

Firstly I want to start by explaining what hypnosis is and what it is not.  It is not a funny trick an “expert” will do on stage to make you walk like a chicken.  It is a state where you are totally in control but relaxed. Hypnosis is a state of extreme relaxation, where your conscious mind, the analytical part of your mind is in resting mode.  This is the part of the mind that usually does the non-stop thinking and the criticizing. So putting the conscious mind at rest, we can bypass it and reach our subconscious mind.  This part of the mind is where all the pictures, feelings, beliefs, and decisions are stored.  From the day you are born, or even from the time you are in your mother’s womb, the subconscious mind starts to store information, good or bad.  This is the part of your mind that is responsible for your actions.  It listens to all the information your conscious mind is passing through and then it just creates your actions.  So here is where it gets a bit “tricky”:  Your subconscious mind cannot tell between truth and lie, true or false.  Whatever it hears, it believes and then makes you do whatever you need to do to prove you- your thoughts and beliefs- right.

If you keep saying: “I can’t lose weight, I am so not disciplined!” “My metabolism is so slow, it is so difficult for me to lose 1 kilo!  I struggle” “I love food, how can I ever stick to a diet? No way!”

Your subconscious mind, the “obedient servant” which believes whatever you say, will prove you right by moving you to the right actions.  This is exactly how our mind works!

This is why hypnosis can be a great tool for weight loss! During hypnosis, we communicate with your subconscious mind directly, we find the old beliefs and change them.  We create new statements, new feelings and pictures that will lead to the right actions.

What if we could create the thoughts and feelings that go through a thin person’s mind?  Because let me tell you, it is not a matter of willpower that keeps the thin person thin.  It is their thinking and feelings and “programming”.

So to re-wire your subconscious mind with new feelings and beliefs, the ones of a thin person, we need to communicate straight with this part of the mind, and this is done through hypnosis.

There is however something even more profound that is happening in a person’s subconscious mind. An event, an incident that happened in the past, to which they gave a negative belief, has become an imprint and it is causing them to stay stuck to that situation.  Hypnosis is the perfect tool to find this incident and the belief that was given to it and change it once and for all.

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Metabolism slows down with age! Does appetite stay the same? How does hypnotherapy help?

So nature is something we can’t really control.  Instead of fighting it, we could accept and adjust.

Reaching menopause, metabolism slows down:  Accept? Yes!  Adjust? Yes!

Big controversy and discussion around the adjusting part.  How can someone adjust? Your appetite is still there! However, If we accept that nature knows its course, then we accept that metabolism and appetite go together.  We just need to let our subconscious mind know about it.  Change the thoughts and pictures.

Our subconscious mind is the part of our mind that is responsible for our actions.  It receives all that is passed through by the conscious mind:  Thoughts, pictures, feelings, and beliefs and then guides our body to do the right actions that will prove all the information stored in there correctly.

The pictures of the amount of food on our plate that we have been eating all this time, are still embedded in our subconscious.  They have been installed there for a long time! So, this is what it knows.  Not only that, it hears thoughts like: “I am hungry like a wolf!”  “My appetite is as big as it used to be! I eat as if I am in my twenties”  “I enjoy my burger and beer more than ever!”  “I love my outings with my girlfriends and enjoy my wine so much!  How can I ever stop this, it’s impossible.”

If all of the above information is inside our subconscious mind, of course, it is difficult to adjust to a smaller appetite.  This is where hypnotherapy helps.  With the guidance of a hypnotherapist, we can change all of our pictures, thoughts, and beliefs and create them exactly as we should so that our actions are led to the newly adjusted eating habits.

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Tatiana Shukuroglou

“Thinking the right thoughts to reach my Ideal Healthy Weight”

A normal healthy diet plan together with the right thinking can be the combination that will help you reach your ideal healthy weight once and for all. Often times, while we have the will to follow the right healthy diet plan, some inner belief or thought, which may have been planted in our subconscious mind from the past, is standing in our way, it is stopping us from moving to where we want to be.  Some thoughts that pop up in our minds which are out of our control.  They are there because of something we had been listening to growing up, and are not helping us through our daily actions.

Our mind does what it believes we want it to do.  Whatever we say or think, our mind listens to it and then guides us to the actions.  So we have to take care of this communication.  Yes, we might be saying to ourselves how much we want to get rid of the extra weight, but what are the constant thoughts that keep going around our minds?  Those thoughts that keep popping up? They could be: “I will never make it, I have a sweet tooth, I can’t resist sweets." Or “All my family is overweight, I have the gene”  Or “I am heavy built, I have big bones, I can never be slim”  Or  “Not everybody can be slim….. I am juicy and I like it”  Or  “How can I lose weight, I can’t bear it when others eat pizza, I want it too!”

There is a way to change all these thoughts and re-program our minds to think the right thoughts.

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”I contacted Tatiana after I saw her post. Her message somehow touched me, gave me courage and trust. ”

After we had a half hour video call I felt the warmth in her voice and face so we arranged for a full session. Three weeks have passed since our meeting and I feel stronger and stronger and more at ease with myself. The problem I presented to Tatiana was that I could not accept the end of a relationship, the failure, I could not let it go. I tortured myself everyday thinking of all the worst scenarios in my head. During hypnosis, we found the root cause of what made me believe I had to grab and not let go of people, why I needed this sort of attention. Why I was making the worst case scenarios that made me unhappy all the time, which then attracted the worst real results in my life. Tatiana helped me get rid of these decisions I made in the past. She made a recoding especially for me which I listen to every single day, to think differently, to transform all these negative scenarios in my mind into the best possible positive ones. This resulted in me feeling happier and happier, and not only this, I attract people and situations that bring more and more happiness in my life. I am grateful for this transformation and I can’t recommend her enough. She is full of love and wants to give.


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