How can Hypnotherapy help in weight-loss?


Firstly I want to start by explaining what hypnosis is and what it is not.  It is not a funny trick an “expert” will do on stage to make you walk like a chicken.  It is a state where you are totally in control but relaxed. Hypnosis is a state of extreme relaxation, where your conscious mind, the analytical part of your mind is in resting mode.  This is the part of the mind that usually does the non-stop thinking and the criticizing. So putting the conscious mind at rest, we can by-pass it and reach your subconscious mind.  This part of the mind is where all the pictures, feelings, beliefs, decisions are stored.  From the day you are born, or even from the time you are in our mother’s womb, the subconscious mind starts to store information, good or bad.  This is the part of your mind that is responsible for your actions.  It listens to all the information your conscious mind is passing through and then it just creates your actions.  So here is where it gets a bit “tricky”:  Your subconscious mind cannot tell between truth and lie, true or false.  Whatever it hears, it believes and then makes you do whatever you need to do to prove you- your thoughts and beliefs- right.

If you keep saying: “I can’t lose weight, I am so not disciplined!” “My metabolism is so slow, it is so difficult for me to lose 1 kilo!  I struggle” “I love food, how can I ever stick to a diet? No way!” 

Your subconscious mind, the “obedient servant” which believes whatever you say, will prove you right by moving you to the right actions.  This is exactly how our mind works!

This is why hypnosis can be a great tool for weight loss! During hypnosis, we communicate with your subconscious mind directly, we find the old beliefs and change them.  We create new statements, new feelings and pictures that will lead to the right actions.   

What if we could create the thoughts and feelings that go through a thin person’s mind?  Because let me tell you, it is not a matter of will power that keeps the thin person thin.  It is their thinking and feelings and “programming”.

So to re-wire your subconscious mind with new feelings and beliefs, the ones of a thin person, we need to communicate straight with this part of the mind, and this is done through hypnosis.

There is however something even more profound that is happening into a person’s subconscious mind. An event, and incident that happened in the past, to which they gave a negative belief, has become an imprint and it is causing them to stay stuck to that situation.  Hypnosis is the perfect tool to find this incident and the belief that was given to it, and change it once and for all.